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Microsoft Excel courses are widely used in businesses and industries, e.g., finance, retail, project management, business analysis, accountancy and more. This makes it a very important application to understand and learn. Excel courses make spreadsheets and graphs easier to use. We promote a number of intermediate and advanced Excel training courses in Australia, including introductory courses. There are online Excel courses available as well as instructor-led Excel training options, so candidates can choose a format that fits their schedule. The fact that even Apple products support Microsoft products underlines the importance of Microsoft Excel training. Browse our website and choose the Excel course that’s right for you.

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In today’s technology-driven world, learning Excel is a superpower for career development. Whether you are a student, a professional, a business owner, an accountant, a bookkeeper, or someone interested in spreadsheets, our online Excel courses give you the essential skills to make your life easier and more productive.

Microsoft Excel is the easiest and best way to perform many tasks. Being comfortable with Excel is a great skill. Candidates have the ability to organise and manipulate almost any type of digital information. Once candidates have mastered Excel, they will never look back. They will be more productive and more engaged.

Excel courses online

Learn Microsoft Excel skills with our face-to-face training with a trainer or online face-to-face training. Excel workshops are designed to teach candidates how to confidently master spreadsheets. Candidates will learn how to use various Excel tools such as formulas and functions, create charts, sort and filter data, create reports and more. Candidates can also extend their Excel skills to an advanced level by using pivot tables, data linking and consolidation, search functions, macros, Power BI, and Visual Basic programming.

We are committed to deliver excellence in our courses. Our courses are designed by industry experts to enhance the skills of candidates from all sectors, ensuring all businesses thrive and prosper.
These courses are perfect for those in accounting, bookkeeping, finance, or business. These are suitable for anyone who already knows the topics covered in our Microsoft courses at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Also Candidates can stand out with these courses on their CVs.
Candidates will learn advanced Excel skills such as how to use Pivot Tables, the Outline function, Goal Search and Scenarios, Validation, how to consolidate data, and how to create links between worksheets and other applications.
Candidates will also learn how to create and record Excel macros and how to use them to automate manual tasks. These Microsoft Excel courses include more advanced formulas and functions, building on existing knowledge. Cut time, create professional worksheets faster, and optimise your efficiency by gaining a level of Excel proficiency that is valuable and in high demand in the workplace.


Why Learn Excel Online?

Our Online Excel courses are a convenient and flexible way to learn everyday use formulas. You don’t have to attend a physical classroom or follow a strict timetable. Instead, you can learn when and where it suits you at your own pace. You only need an internet connection and a computer to enter the world of spreadsheets.

Who can benefit from it?

Our Excel courses are not limited to any particular industry or profession. Whether you are a student looking to organise your homework, a data analyst looking to understand complex data, a marketer looking to track campaign results, or an entrepreneur looking to manage your finances, Excel has something valuable to offer everyone. Our online Excel courses are suitable for beginners who want to learn the basics and for advanced learners who wish to develop their skills and learn advanced features.

What can you learn?

Our Excel online courses start with the basics, covering topics such as creating and formatting spreadsheets, entering data, and performing basic calculations. As you progress, you will learn more advanced topics, such as creating charts and graphs to visualise data, automating calculations using formulas and functions, and even learning data analysis tools like pivot tables. Our courses take you from an Excel beginner to an advanced Excel user.

Excel is used for various purposes, from preparing austere budgets to creating complex reports with graphs and charts. It is useful for keeping track of personal expenses and collecting essential business data. Our Microsoft Excel courses can be used by anyone (start-ups, home businesses, students, etc.). The advantage of Excel short courses is that they can be completed quickly. Other in-depth Excel courses are advanced, such as an in-depth study of Excel formulas and their implementation. Our online Excel courses help candidates learn in detail. Online learning allows the candidates to choose the classes per their routine schedule.

Learn all the features of Excel through online courses. If you do not have time to take a class, sign up for an advanced Excel online course to impress your boss with your new and improved skills. Browse our Microsoft Excel courses and sign up today.

What do you need help with?

  • Understand and use formulas effectively
  • Learn to set up and format tables
  • Improve the appearance of spreadsheets using font formatting techniques
  • Work efficiently with multiple pages
  • Create summary tables to analyse data
  • Create reports with subtotals
  • Linking data between pages and workbooks
  • Learn valuable tips and shortcuts for using Excel

Microsoft Excel is an advanced tool. Our interactive Excel online courses include practical exercises to help you master what you learn and apply it directly to your work.

Candidates learn advanced Excel skills such as working with pivot tables, outline functions, targeted searches and scenarios, validation, merging data, and creating links between worksheets and other applications.

Candidates learn how to create and document Excel macros and how to use them to automate manual tasks. Our Microsoft Excel course includes more complex formulas and functions than the Advanced course and builds on your existing knowledge.

Save time, create professional worksheets faster, and optimise your productivity. Our courses are ideal for professionals who want to learn advanced Microsoft Excel skills that they can use at work.

Our highly-rated Excel courses will teach you the following skills:
Candidates will use powerful data analysis tools such as pivot tables, Excel functions, and charts to quickly summarise and visualise large data sets.

Better decision-making

Candidates can use data to make informed decisions through scenario building, what-if analysis, and forecasting.

Better organisation

Candidates can become more organised by sorting, filtering, and grouping data.

Better collaboration

Candidates can work more effectively with colleagues, customers, and suppliers.

Better career opportunities

Excel is considered very valuable in many industries, and learning this software can open up new career opportunities and improve your CV.

Cost savings

Managing budgets, inventories, and other financial information can save time and money compared to manual processes.


Candidates will have various skills, from simple calculations to complex data analysis and modelling.

Career development and promotion

Excel skills are in high demand across different industries. Employers value candidates who know how to use Excel to manage data efficiently, produce clear reports, and streamline processes. By taking our result-oriented online Excel course, candidates gain valuable skills, increase their employability, and open up new career opportunities. Excel can be your secret weapon if you want a promotion, a career change, or to improve your current position.

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Take advantage of the opportunity to improve your skills and career prospects. Our Online Excel courses are an accessible and affordable way to learn a tool that can revolutionise how you work with data. With highly qualified, skilled, professionally trained, and dedicated instructors, interactive lessons, and the freedom to learn on your own, our courses offer a comprehensive and fun learning experience.

Whether starting or looking to improve your Excel skills, our online courses help you master this versatile tool. Join us without any further delay to start using Excel to simplify tasks, make informed decisions, and discover the full potential of Excel in the digital age.

Take our comprehensive online Excel course and learn how to analyse data and manage spreadsheets. Our courses cover functions, formulas, data visualisation, and automation from beginner to advanced. Learn at your own pace with video tutorials and hands-on exercises and improve your skills for personal, academic, or professional use.

Excel courses online
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